The Apprentice

I don’t usually watch The Apprentice, at least I haven’t for a few years. A friend mentioned that this week’s episode was going to take place in the Liberty store in London. So this week I thought it might be worth a watch as it could prove useful.

I’ll be honest, I was a tad disappointed only about 20 minutes of the episode was actually in the store, but never mind. It was really interesting seeing how the two teams set about selling and marketing the products. Each team was to choose a department to run for the day and choose a new line to be sold in the department on that day only. One team chose the scarf department, their product being scarves cut into the shape of cats – which were pretty cool; and the other team chose handbags. They found a designer who made handbags using geometric shapes. They were nice, but not my cup of tea. Or budget…

The teams had the day to choose their product, brand it, advertise it and set up a window display. It was interesting seeing which colours and/or shapes they picked out from the products to use in the window displays. One team excelled in the design of their window (team scarf), the other didn’t (team handbag). From an art student perspective I can see why quite clearly. The team that did well created a display that was vibrant, visually interesting as well as stimulating, and interactive (they nominated a member of the team to be a live model). The other display was minimalistic and to be frank quite boring. The handbags were just sat on plain white blocks, and a piece of blue fabric with clouds was laid over one of the blocks. Any one would walk straight past it, and they did, which is why their team ultimately lost the challenge.

It would have been nice to see their experience of branding etc in more depth, but the brief 20 minutes I had proved useful. Other than what I’ve already written, there isn’t much to report without telling you to go watch the episode (Thursday 27th October 2016).

Liberty is a visual masterpiece and if you haven’t been I encourage you to go. I can’t wait for my next visit at the end of the month

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