Drawing for Design Wallpaper

My first module at CCAD came to an end yesterday. If I was your everyday student I would go on to say ‘It was so stressful’, ‘I’m glad it’s over’, or something along those lines. But me being me, I plan my time to the minute. I probably have a slight case of OCD when it comes to management, but that’s not a bad thing. So I made the deadline without any hiccups and I’m actually going to miss this module. Over 6 weeks we were given a selection of themes within which we had to produce multiple observational drawings. For hand in we were then asked to present our best 10 drawings as ‘final pieces’. Our tutor also asked us to use a length of lining paper for a ‘wallpaper’ piece. The idea is that everyone chose their favourite drawings and created a composition. The exercise was not to design, but to make sure we focused on composition.

The themes, in case you were wondering, were: flowers and foliage, food, collections, flea market finds (there is a flea market in Hartlepool that we were to visit for this week), and architecture. Week 6 was catch up week. For flowers and foliage week, I obviously drew flowers – there’s not much else you can do with that theme. For food I worked through cupcakes and pasta until I eventually settled on wine bottles. For collections week I chose to draw my vast amounts of embroidery threads and spools for the sewing machine. Flea market finds is the boy looking over the flowers; it was several ornaments sat together and photographed from an odd angle. Then for architecture week I chose to draw scenes of my home town (Carlisle). You’ll also notice some pen drawings in there. This is because we did a brief session on drawing with Photoshop, the theme being stationary.

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