Alice Through the Looking Glass

One of the tasks set for my professional studies module was to choose a film that inspires me, and use that as a ‘brief’ for a design project. So, in simpler terms, my task was to design a print using only the film for reference – no research, nothing else. My tutor then specified she didn’t want us to actually design any prints, she would just like us to make notes on the film detailing what we could use for the design process – we don’t have that much time, unfortunately.

Of course, I chose Alice in Wonderland. I was at home for the weekend, and as my Grandad doesn’t have a DVD player we have to rent from iTunes, meaning only Alice Through the Looking Glass was available on this particular weekend. No matter! I love both films equally. Tim Burton is a genius. I’m a fan of most of his films, but Alice in particular as I’ve read the book as well and it’s much better than the original Disney animation.

I was to consider colour, shapes, composition and potential motifs whilst watching the film and this is what I wrote down:

·         Cheshire cat smile. Look at the teeth and the eyes (one of opening images just teeth and eyes in the smoke/fog)

·         Cheshire cat and Absolem blues

·         Golds – metallic. Bronze? Clocks are quite rustic and mechanical, bronze might work well for this

·         Old fashioned map-style illustrations. Reference map used on Alice’s ship at beginning of film

·         Purples, dark lilac shades

·         Grungy, muted colour scheme with flecks of bright colours?

·         Scarlett reds

·         Light vs dark – look at the shadows

·         Clocks, hands, roman numerals

·         Electric sparks – watch Time – electric blue

·         Spacious, multidirectional repeat?

·         Bright grass green, sky blues

·         Minimal repeat. Intricate illustrations spaced out

·         Hatter’s hat – the tag

·         Rich, dark, tealy blues

·         Linework and plantlife

·         Butterflies – Absolem

·         Hearts – Queen

So these are the notes I jotted down whilst watching the film. You’ll probably notice they get briefer towards the end as I become more engrossed in the film. I have included some examples of the colours as I am aware my mid-film descriptions aren’t great

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