Harlequin Samples

They’ve arrived! And they’re beautiful.

I kept it even and ordered ten pieces of both fabric and wallpaper. I’ve tried to grab a variety, rather than just sticking to one collection like I was tempted to. It’s really refreshing to see that some of the samples have been worked into by hand with both screen print and embroidery, as in today’s market the likes of wallpapers and fabrics are often machine printed at speed. Some of the samples even have multiple layers of screen print, lengthening the process even further.

Unfortunately some of the prints are too big for the samples, so some only feature one petal of a flower or one floral motif. The one that is disappointing is the print that features koi fish. Due to the way the sample has been cut, the piece only contains the tails of two fish. If I get the urge to order more samples, which I likely will, I’ll order the sample again and hope that it will contain one full fish (or at least the majority of a fish). Ignoring this though, if I could afford the wallpaper (and a house that big!) I would decorate each room in a different sample print; as well as make myself 10 fabric based interior items with the remaining sample prints of course.

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