Ladie Birdy is one of the artists I discovered whilst I was in London. She sells her products on the Old Spitalfields Market, which is where I found her. She is a lovely lady and is quite happy to tell you about her work and how it came about.

She signed up to do the London Marathon a few years ago, and was running for a charity for which she needed to raise a certain amount of money. She was unsure how to gather the money until her friends and family recommended she use the skills she already has – those skills being her drawing and designing skills. To raise the money for the marathon she made a Christmas collection, which made a lot more money than she expected as everybody loved her work. After the marathon – which she highly recommends doing – she went on to design a London themed range. Eventually she quit her job and set up as a full time business. She says its the best thing she’s done, along with the marathon, and she absolutely loves it.

On her site she describes herself as a graphic designer; and her designs are featured on several different platforms. On Spitalfields market the majority of her designs are on cards and other products that would fall into the Gift category of the surface design industry. I love her work as it’s quirky and fun. It’s contemporary and you can’t help but smile when you see it. If you get the chance, go find her at the market as her stall is lovely and she is more than happy to help.

Ladiebirdy’s Website


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