2nd – 6th March 2015

I went to Barcelona with Carlisle College while I was working towards my Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Art & Design, specialising in textiles. We went from Monday to Friday, in early March – which made it a nice early birthday present for me as I was turning 18 a couple of weeks later.

What struck me about Barcelona is the effort and passion put into the graffiti. It sounds daft, but coming from a place where the highlight of the graffiti is ‘X woz ere!’, it was quite staggering. Every drop of paint on the wall was considered and part of a piece of art, so even the word ‘graffiti’ seems incorrect.

Over the course of the week I visited all of the Gaudi sights to see (Casa Batlló; Park Guell and Sagrada Família); and spent a lot of time in art galleries trying to find research/inspiration for the module I was working on at the time. I visited the cathedral and a few other churches I can’t remember the names of now; I browsed some of the biggest fabric shops I have ever seen in my life and wandered as many streets as I could in the time we had.

If you have the opportunity to visit Barcelona – do – it’s FULL of creativity. Even the pavements are a work of art.

All images are my own

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