6th – 12th September 2016

Rome was our first ‘girls holiday’. When I say ‘our’, I mean myself and my friends from secondary school. As we’re all at university now, we utilised that extra week of the summer holidays.

Rome is a beautiful city. There’s culture in every street. A lot of the buildings are still the original Roman buildings, or have been built in the same style; so it feels a bit like a 3D history lesson – but for someone (like me) that studied history that’s great.

We obviously had to go see the big tourist attractions like the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain. We were a little disappointed the Spanish steps were closed when we visited, none of us speak Italian but the sign appeared to say something along the lines of they need refurbished etc.  We spent a whole day in the Vatican and still missed bits – it’s huge – and well worth a visit. Just don’t say ‘oh my God’ in the Sistine Chapel. It sounds like a given, but I let the phrase slip when I saw Michelangelo’s work. If looks could kill…

We visited archaeological dig sites that had unearthed whole villages; we saw the original Roman water works beneath the Trevi Fountain that still work today; and we spend 6 days wandering around an absolutely gorgeous city.

All images are my own

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