Kyosun Jung

Kyosun Jung is an artist based in London’s renowned Goldsmith Centre, who works with silver and enamel to create unique pieces of ornament and jewellery. Some of her work is featured in a permanent exhibition and the Victoria & Albert Museum, also in London, and she’s an award winning artist. She graduated from the University for the Creative Arts in Rochester with a BA Hons in Silversmithing, Goldsmithing & Jewellery. She actively seeks commissions and exhibits work internationally.

What I find interesting is her silversmith work, in particular her vases. There are also a couple of pieces from her jewellery portfolio that I have included. Her vases are visual masterpieces. She’s taken simple traditional vase shapes and added pieces of art to them. A lot of her work is inspired by nature, which is evident in the vases picture below. The broaches were inspired by water. I just love the simplicity of the structures and the detail in the decoration. I’ve added a link to her website below as well.

Kyosun’s Website

All images belong to Kyosun Jung


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