The dictionary definition of ‘trend’ is:

“a general direction in which something is developing or changing”

Personally, when I think of trends, I instantly think of fashion – as this is the area of the textiles industry that is the most impacted by trends. Every 6 months the trends in the fashion industry change, whereas the likes of interiors and gift often change at a slower pace. Trends are impacted by several factors, to name a few we have: cultures; street fashion; the internet (sensations, memes, phenomena); popular cultures (film, music etc.); other areas of art and design (fine art, graphics, costume etc.); consumerism; exhibitions and many more.

Interior trends can be influenced by boutique hotels and other public buildings. Fashion is heavily influenced by the seasons, and interiors is to an extent but not as much. Whereas the fashion trends for the different seasons can differ massively, the interior trends change in more subtle ways. Colour, for example being the main change. In the winter months rich, darker colours are more popular than pale, colder colours – which are more popular in the summer. Fabric is not impacted as much in interiors as it is in fashion, as the products are not worn. In fashion, summer pieces will use fabric significantly lighter and/or thinner than the fabrics used in the winter pieces; but in interiors the fabric used is generally the same weight regardless of the time of year.

The gift area of the industry is heaving influenced by the seasons and occasions – Christmas being the most obvious and significant influence. From September/October onwards almost everything in the gift industry changes to seasonal colours (red, green, gold, silver…) and is suddenly decorated with snowflake or reindeer motifs. The gift industry also relies heavily on birthdays and other similar occasions. For example, as I write this it is Mothers Day. When I went food shopping during the week the supermarket was filled with cards all using the typical colour scheme of pastel pinks, purples and yellows; mainly using floral motifs or teddy-bears etc. This, like Christmas, is one of the trends that is recycled year after year. The majority of trends,  however, only recycle themselves every few decades. The gift industry differs from interiors and fashion in that it is very rarely influenced by the weather.

In short, every corner of the industry if affected by trends at some time or another; and they are unavoidable. Websites like WGSN are dedicated to predicting trends, giving students like myself the opportunity to stay one step ahead

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