Loquet London

“When close friends Sheherazade Goldsmith and Laura Bailey joined forces in 2013 to create Loquet London, the result was a collection that’s the height of personalised luxury. Riffing on the idea of a classic locket and reimagining it for a new generation, the label allows the wearer to create their own bespoke designs from a selection of charms, gemstones, crystals and more. One of a kind.” Style.com

Firstly, I love the French twist in this company’s name. The aim of this company is to create incredibly personalised, bespoke pieces of fine jewellery. Sheherazade and Laura work with jeweller Michael Ventura to create these works of art.  As all of the pieces they create are one offs and bespoke, it does become difficult to find examples of work on their website to attach into this blog post; so I have attached a link to their lookbook as well as the examples I did find, which still only scratches the surface on what this company does.

What drew me to their work was how delicate yet intricate their pieces can be, as pictured below. The name implies lockets, which is the main product this company produces, but they also branch out into other jewellery pieces. Alongside the lockets, the create: charms, earrings and rings – all of which have the capacity to contain charms.

Loquet London’s Website

Loquet London Lookbook

All images belong to Loquet London

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