Textile Techniques for Design

Textiles Techniques for Design is the module I completed before my current one. Apologies that some of the fabric pieces in the photos have not been pressed yet, the last 3 or 4 days before a deadline are always a bit manic. When all of my work is released at the end of the year I’ll replace the photos with photos of nice, pressed samples.

The aim of this module was to learn all of the basic techniques that can be used in both embroidery and printing, and then apply them to samples based on our drawings from the Drawing for Design module (previous to this one). For hand-in we needed a total of 3 final pieces: one containing only embroidery; one containing only print; and one combining both. I’m an embroiderer, through and through. I’m not opposed to printing, but for me the point in printing is to work back into it – so leaving my print only piece untouched was quite difficult.

You’ll notice there are actually 4 final pieces pictured. We were taught all of the techniques we would need in workshops, and during my printing workshop I found printing on paper more successful than on fabric, so I did a printed piece on both. The paper piece was then worked back into with stich so counted as a second combination piece. You’ll also notice that my embroidery is all by hand as appose to machine. Again, like print, I am not opposed to machine embroidery; I just prefer to work by hand as I feel like I have more control and it makes the pieces more tactile.

The details for each of the samples are in the photo captions.

All images are my own

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