Sanderson is a company I often turn to for inspiration for interiors. I love their work. This is actually the company that took over Morris & Co. when it closed in 1940, so they have a long history within the industry. The company was first started in 1860 in London, so actually began 15 years before Morris & Co was founded, and is the oldest surviving British textiles company to date. When the company began they were known for importing luxurious French wallpapers, but now have their own brand and style across a range of textile surfaces.

I love their work as it’s contemporary yet traditional at the same time. It is evident that they invest time in their design process and production techniques to produce work that is just amazing. I ordered some samples from this company a few weeks ago, and I’ll be doing a separate blog post on those samples – which will be linked to this page. I’ve also attached a link to the company’s blog, which is an interesting read.

Sanderson Blog

sanderson 2

Image belongs to Sanderson

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