Museum/Gallery Curator

As a curator for a museum/gallery, my job would be to style and organise exhibitions held in my place of work. I would be in charge of the look of the exhibition and sourcing the work to be included within it. In terms of skills, I would need to be good at networking and making contacts to insure that I can curate the artwork required. I would need a good knowledge of business and management of business. I would also need to be passionate about the type and style of artwork my place of work exhibits.

My route into this pathway would be through work experience and/or volunteering. Once I had my foot in the door that way, if I wanted to progress I could eventually become a senior curator. To meet the criteria for the job, I would need a degree (preferably art related); and if I wanted to progress to a senior level I would need a post-graduate degree.

A career such as this one isn’t limited geographically. There are museums and galleries all around the world, so I could work anywhere I like. If I decide this career is one I’d like to pursue, or you would like to pursue it; the places to find more information would be:

  • Online. is a really good site for giving you all of the information you need about a job.
  • Go to the museums and galleries I/you would like to work in and speak to the people there. Speak to their current curators and ask them about the ins and outs of their position.

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