Visual Merchandiser

As a visual merchandiser, my job would be to create the visuals to sell a product. That could include adverts, window displays, labels – you name it. I would need to: have good communication skills, as this job would include a lot of teamwork; be able to source the materials I need to complete the tasks I am set; budget – I will only be given a set amount of money to complete my tasks and I will need to stick to that amount; design – I would need to experiment with layouts, explore space, style products to make them look intriguing and eye-catching, making sure presentation is immaculate; train others – I will be working in a team, or maybe even in charge of a team. I need to be able to teach and guide my team towards the end goal; and of course assemble and disassemble displays. In terms of progression, I would likely start out as an assistant, and I could end up becoming an image controller or in the head offices of a company.

My route into this career would likely be through work experience or a weekend job working the shop floor. It is desirable for a visual merchandiser to have shop floor experience, so they can understand the customers better. I wouldn’t need a full degree, but I would need a foundation degree

This job wouldn’t be limited geographically. I could work for one shop or company, or I could be freelance and work for many. If I decide this career is one I’d like to pursue, or you would like to pursue it; the places to find more information would be:

  • Work experience. You would be following a visual merchandiser and gaining a good insight into how the job works.
  • Working a weekend or part time job. Doing this would allow you access to visual merchandisers in the shop that you can talk to or assist, and this would also give you that shop floor experience.
  • Speak to visual merchandisers, call or email a company and ask to speak to theirs.
  • Online. is a really good site for giving you all of the information you need about a job.


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