Community Artist

As a community artist, my job would be to organise workshops and other art related activities within my community. To do this I would need good organisational skills; to be a ‘people person’; have the initiative to organise and run my events; and have an awareness of what is going on in my community so that I can organise my events to benefit the people attending them. I would be working with quite a range of people.

The way into a career like this one would be through volunteering. From this I could secure an apprenticeship, before advancing onto the full job title. After this there is the opportunity to pursue a management positon. You do not need a degree for this job, but it is preferable. The job is not limited geographically, but it is more likely that any positions available would occur in communities with social or other issues.

If I decide this career is one I’d like to pursue, or you would like to pursue it; the places to find more information would be:

  • Online. is a really good site for giving you all of the information you need about a job.
  • Community centres. Speak to the people working there to see if they employ a community artist who you could speak to.
  • is a site dedicated to community arts and subsequent networks, which will give you a good insight into the type of work this position would entail.

Image belongs to Ohio State University



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