Studio Designer

The job title pretty much sums this one up. As a studio designer I would design for a company, from a studio. This would entail: drawing, design work, working with graphic software (like Photoshop or Illustrator); and potentially sewing (machine/hand), fabric sourcing and pattern cutting. All of these tasks would differ dependant on your area of design. I would need to be able to work at a fast pace and be willing to work within a team or with other people.

In terms of progression: I would start at a junior level, then onto the job title, then onto a senior level, and eventually head designer. I would likely work in a major city, as this is where most studios are based. In order to access this career I would need a design related degree, some form of CAD (computer aided design) training and preferably some experience in a studio environment.

If I decide this career is one I’d like to pursue, or you would like to pursue it; the places to find more information would be:

  • Online. is a really good site for giving you all of the information you need about a job.
  • Work experience. Completing a placement in a studio environment and shadowing an experienced designer will be very beneficial.
  • Speak to anyone you know in the industry, you may find someone you know has a contact you can speak with to get more information.

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