Gallery Owner

As a gallery owner my job would be to oversee the running and upkeep of a gallery. I would be in charge of all of the finances; the employment of others; sourcing, selecting and exhibiting artwork – including having the contacts and negotiation skills to gather the artwork and being able to work alongside the artists; advertising and promoting the gallery; and any transporting of work. Useful skills for me to have in this job would be: confidence, organisational skills, management skills, social media skills and communication skills (both written and oral). As obvious as it sounds, it would also be necessary for me to have an interest in the art I display within my gallery.

If I make a success of owning and running one gallery I could branch out to own more or manage another chain, which are pretty much the only progression opportunities within this career. Because I would be self employed, I could work anywhere I wanted to. In order to get into this line of work I would only need good art history knowledge, or other knowledge relevant to the type of work my gallery exhibits; and management skills.

If I decide this career is one I’d like to pursue, or you would like to pursue it; the places to find more information would be:

  • Online. is a really good site for giving you all of the information you need about a job.
  • The Museum Journal. This is an online ‘hub’ full of information about museums/galleries and all that owning them entails.
  • and are online arts careers websites, which will likely have listings and descriptions for this kind of job
  • Your local council. They will know everything you need to know about what is already in your area and where would be a good place to take over or set up

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