The textiles gift industry is expansive, its huge! I’ll admit, I usually think of stationary when asked to think of products within this area of the industry – but there’s so many more, for example:

Cards, gift-wrap, tags, bags/boxes, calendars, novelty items(masks etc.), decorations, packaging, stationery, disposable table top (paper plates etc.), DIY craft kits, prints/canvases and just general gift based products.

The gift industry also falls into differing market levels, from the high end of the market to the low end of the market. The lower end of the market contains companies such as supermarkets that stock thousands of each piece they design; whereas the higher end of the market will contain more bespoke objects.

There’s a lot of information to include, so rather than type it all in one long novel on this page, I’m splitting it up into separate blog posts – the links for which will be on this page:

What distinguishes between the market levels in the Gift Industry?

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