I live for interiors. All I want to do is create homes and beautiful spaces for a living. I’ll be honest, even as a textiles student, when someone says the word ‘interiors’ I automatically think of cushions and sofas. Interiors contains a lot more than just cushions and sofas though; just to mention a few, we have:

wallpapers, furnishing fabrics, bedding, table-top (placemats, coasters etc.), blinds, ceramics, flooring, wall-art, cushions, soft furnishings.

Personally, I think the interiors area of the industry is probably the most diverse for different surfaces, which is probably why I’m so interested in it.

The interiors industry falls into different market levels, those being (in descending order):

exclusive in-house designers, high-end department stores, high street, supermarket (DIY), and designer maker.

Designer maker can fall anywhere on the spectrum, depending on the person, how they make and what they make.

There’s a lot of information to include, so rather than type it all in one long novel on this page, I’m splitting it up into separate blog posts – the links for which will be on this page:

What distinguishes between the market levels in the Interiors Industry?

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